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About a year ago I took a new job which has had me traveling to Bangalore a few times a year. I loved Indian food before ever stepping foot into the country, but then again I never really experienced Indian breakfast other than a dosa or two.

Bangalore, and South India in general, is famous for their breakfast foods. Overtime I have fallen in love with all of the interesting textures of pancake, bready, and fritter-like dipping vehicles that go perfectly with spicy broths, curries, and chutneys that explode in your mouth with flavor.

Here are all the different breakfast dishes I've tried:

Sambar is a staple for South Indian breakfast. It is a spicy and very flavorful broth that is served with every single breakfast dish I have had while I was in Bangalore.


The dosa is probably the most well known of all South Indian breakfast. I would describe them as a crepe-like, thin savory pancake that is made of finely ground rice flour batter that is fermented overnight. There are SOOOO many different kinds that I feel like i have only scraped the surface even though I probably had one per day.  They are mainly a breakfast food but you can really find them any time of day. Here are a few that I really liked.

The famous masala dosa from MTR, filled with potatoes and spices and served with coconut chutney. This is probably my favorite dosa ever.

Masala Dosa from MTR

Soft "special" masala dosa from the Park Hotel-- this was so good, I ordered it a few times. It was a soft dosa made like a pancake but instead of being sweet, it was layered with different types of chutneys and vegetables in between.

Soft Dosa Masala

Crispy plain dosa with Lamb Curry and mint chutney. I had this one for dinner!


Utthapam masala. Utthapam is a thick and soft pancake made of batter that is fermented overnight (like the dosa). This one was one of my favorites. It has hot chillies, onion, and tomatos mixed into the batter and served with coconut, mint and peanut chutney. So good. I had this many mornings!

Uthapam Masala

Idli, a disc shaped rice cake made of rice and lentils. It is super light and has a cool crumbly texture and it soaks up sambar really well.


Vada and idli with sambar. Vada is a doughnut shaped savory fritter type thing that is served with butter and sambar. I got this one at some road side place on the way to Mysore.


Aapam is super soft spongy cake made of rice flour. I found it usually served with some coconut milk-based vegetable curry. Ridiculous. I love these things!


Poori is a deep fried disc of wheat flour dough that puffs out and is hollow in the inside. They are slightly crisp and chewy. These ones were served with a mild veggie curry.


I've been home for just a short while and I miss waking up to this already. If you ever visit India, never skip breakfast! You will be happy you took the time to try all these different dishes out.




  • They all look SO good. Vada is one of my favourite snacks although I once bit into one without checking for the chillies and had to eat a whole spoonful of sugar to get rid of the heat. I don’t think I’ve tried the soft special masala dosa and utthapam. I could eat the for breakfast every day.

    sakura on

  • That’s it. I’m on the next plane.

    FRM on

  • It’s so true about “never missing breakfast” when traveling. I think I have the best food outings in the morning when I am in another country because it doesn’t tend to be really fancy – but culturally eye-opening since you are eating amongst the hustle and bustle of people getting to work.

    yoko on

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