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Satsuma Mikan

In Japan, the start of the satsuma mikan (tangerine) season is truly the mark of winter. It's a specific breed of oranges that are sweet like honey and the skin just peels right off.

My folks have a satsuma tree in the backyard. Lucky me! Here's my bounty for the week-- there I am in my red clogs!

When picking the oranges off the tree, I imagine grandmothers, fathers and children huddling inside the kotastu (a heated, blanketed table), drinking tea, and gobbling these up on a snowy day in Japan.

A very warm, joyous holiday season to you and yours. I love you guys!


  • Oh wow thanks V!!! I'm so honored to get such a compliment from such a talented photographer.

    Have a great time in LA for the Holidays!


    kayoko on

  • Really nice photo! I love the colors & composition. At first I thought your shoes were huge red bell peppers.

    Vanessa Bahmani on

  • Copenhagen is covered in a thick layer of snow right now. I wish I had a kotatsu and a pretty bowl of mikan like yours to keep me warm(yes, great photo!)

    So what Mikan post treats are we in for next? Mikan Maki?

    Anders on

  • You guys have a satsuma mikan tree?! OMG that's so amazing!

    yoko on

  • i love this photo! merry christmas, kayo!!

    Leslie on

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