New York Magazine just started this cell phone texting feature, where they text you names of up to 12 restaurants in any neighborhood, with their "Critics Picks" listed first. sorry people, this is just for the NYC area!

ok, so check this out-- let's say you're in Chelsea on the corner of 28rd St. and 9th Ave, craving a burrito and don't know where to go. type in "FOOD Mexican Chelsea " to the number "GONYC" or 46692, and you'll get a barrage of texts in the next few minutes.

if you're looking for a bar, you've got to enter "BAR Chelsea". you can also plug in the zip of the neighborhood, if you have it. you MUST type in "bar" or "food" in the text if you are looking for a recommendation. if you already know that name of the restaurant and just need the address or phone number, just type in the name of the joint.

try it, it's awesome! thanks Kanitra for this.


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