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Golden State Beer Float (LA)

Just got back from LaLaLand for the last in a never ending series of weddings this year (uhhh, SEVEN). Jon Sublet got hitched!!! It was quite the wedding for the ages- the dessert table consisted of Persian sweets, fresh figs and these beautiful petite WHOLE CUCUMBERS. Of course I shamelessly had like five of them, it was awesome. How often do you get to eat whole cucumbers at a wedding??? Exactly.

LA is a place near and dear to my heart. It's the first city my family and I moved to from Tokyo, and my brother was born there. I have nothing but love for that city- the pulsating energy reminds me of NYC (untz, untz, untz), despite warring sentiments on both sides. Fuck that! LA now has the BEER FLOAT, thanks to The Golden State. NYC, whatchugot???

As I wrote back in February, my good friend Jim Starr opened this joint along with his friend Jason Bernstein. This was my first time there since they opened in March- I won't bore you with a massive review since they have gotten so much I N T E R N E T love, not to mention Jonathan Gold love. Whoa.

And here she is... The Famed Golden State Beer Float.

Golden State Beer Float (LA)

Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout
1 Scoop Horchata Ice Cream by Scoops
1 Scoop Dulce de Leche Ice Cream by Scoops

HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS THIS WAS AMAZING. Creamy, velvety, chocolaty, the perfect pairing. UMAMIPORN HOLLER.

Golden State Beer Float (LA)

How amazing, you ask???

This amazing.

Golden State Beer Float (LA)

Incidentally, my brother works here a few nights a week, so if you see him, make sure to say hello! He's the scraggly Asian kid, can't miss him.

426 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
T: 323.782.8331

*Kayoko will be eating pho for lunch today, somewhere in Santa Clara, CA.


  • Oh, how I miss those dirty ass pubs dotted along chic 3rd Avenue. Midtown Manhattan is good for nothing else!!!

    kayoko on

  • Uh, I hate to break it to you, Cali-of-my-heart, but while walking from the subway to work (NYC) I think I passed three or four dumpy Irish pubs where you can get a beer float for breakfast any day of the week.

    Anonymous on

  • Yeah beer float's dope, though I haven't been to Golden State. I also like to use vanilla ice cream with Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout—makes for an amazing float!

    Paystyle on

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