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Whenever I travel anywhere, I always check out the yogurt aisle at the grocery store. Countries are doing really bizarre things with yogurt, which fascinates me. I like to consider myself a bit of a yogurt connoisseur- as I'm sure Sonja would as well. Best yogurt I've ever had was in India, out of a ceramic pot.

Here are some of Japan's offerings at the moment. All in all, the yogurts had a deep cream essence (which you can never seem to get in the US), not so sweet, with a runny texture.

Pear yogurt, from 7-11.

Ume (plum) yogurt, also from 7-11. There was actually a plum inside!

Black sesame yogurt- this was pretty nasty. It went down the drain after one bite. Japan is super hot on black sesame anything right now.

Strawberry yogurt- very basic, but I loved this container design.

Aloe yogurt- seems to be the norm in Japan. This was light and refreshing- very nice!

I guess I forgot to take a pic of the yogurt I had the most, which was this drinkable kind that I got a 7-11 every morning (along with a rice ball). The unflavored yogurts in Japan were the best.


  • I love Aloe Yogurt. I always get Jagariko and Aloe Yogurt at Conbini.

    fuminatto on

  • How about Morinaga’s kenko yogurt? I love that fake taste the best!

    Yamahomo on

  • I LOVE the aloe yogurt!! It’s the best! The black sesame looks awesome too. Wish I could gets some here…

    ayagwa on

  • Now a days I would buy plain vanilla yogurt instead of those fruit on the bottom ones which is so icky. I love to try some Japanese yogurt.

    (( Ms. K )) on

  • Why can’t America do yogurt right?? Ugh. I want strange fruity flavors!!

    Sonja on

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