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Guess Who???

Mario Batali's Del Posto restaurant in NYC was just awarded FOUR STARS by Sam Sifton of the New York Times. Usually I could give a shit, but this really excites me-- mostly because I am a huge Batali fan, deep deep down. This makes Del Posto one of only seven restaurants in all of New York City with this highest level of recognition. It's a really big deal.

I know, celebrity chefs are so annoying, and ratings are so arbitrary, blah blah. But I do love Batali-- his food especially, not so much his television shows. He needs to stop doing that.

I'll do a bigger post about Eataly in the coming days, in which he is an owner (the place is so out of control). But to honor his crowning four-star moment, here he is above. Who needs a picture of his jolly face, when you can just take a picture of his trademark orange Crocs, right?

Tanti auguri, Signore Batali.


  • I wonder why he switched from the cool Calzuro clogs to nasty Crocs.

    worm on

  • kayo, did you take that photo? i love it.

    erin on

  • At this point, I’m sure he gets them for free for the rest of his life.

    I’ve been a hater for years, but I’m starting to rethink them, on account of their airy lightness! I don’t want to give into them, but…

    kayoko on

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