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I adapted this recipe from a mag I was thumbing through. The original recipe tells you to serve cold and in thin strips, like say if you were to make strips with a potato peeler. I just turned it into mashed potatoes because I can't resist the smoothness of mash. I often come across mentaiko potato salad in izakayas, so chunks of potato can work too. I also added shiso into the recipe because I love its combination with salty foods. And right now, I have a huge bunch growing in my herb garden! It also looks nice with little green specs in the pink tinted mash.

Anyway, here is the recipe for Mentai Mash

400-500grams potatoes (probably like 2 medium size potatoes in America)

One sac mentaiko cut in 5mm chunks
2 tablespoons kewpie mayo
1 teaspoon Japanese rice vinegar
2 shiso leaves (optional, can substitute with parsley too) chopped

1. Skin and cut potatoes in chunks. Boil until tender.
2. While potatoes are boiling, mix all "B" ingredients together well.
3. Drain potatoes.
4. In mixing bowl put potatoes and then combine with "B" mixture.
5. Now mash. Salt pepper to taste.

And it's done!

Totally easy.

Pictured at top my bento for today:
Mentai Mash on the left, asparagus/corn/edamame with spinach miso sauce on the right

My beautiful herb garden with shiso abound for the hot summer months!



  • gorgeous herb garden Yoko!

    it’s funny how people always have a preference one way or the other about their mash: chunky or smooth.

    i like mine chunky. what about you? looks like you are enjoy some chunk too?

    kayoko on

  • Kayoko – Yes, it depends, chunky or smooth. I think for this recipe, chunk is totally ok. But with my Thanksgiving dinner, I like the smooth stuff. Or with steak.

    Aya – that is what I have for lunch, yes. But about two hours later, I usually go to the Natural Lawson on the first floor of our building and buy a little sumpin sumpin treat.

    yoko on

  • Growing shiso?? Best idea I ever heard! Is that all you eat for lunch? I’m afraid to show you the bucket of pasta I just ate for lunch.

    ayagwa on

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