Sake Gumi

Summer is here. You know how I know? Christi called me last week and said, "We've got plums coming out of our ying yang, from the trees in our back yard. Will you come take them?"

Yes, this is the same Christi who handed me bags of apricots last year, with which I made jam. The process, although successful and intensely rewarding, was a huge pain in the ass. You remember it, right? Omg, just going back to the posts give me nightmares.

So you would think that I would say HELL NO, to her plums. I don't have time to deal with them.

But them she told me about how she's been having to THROW THEM OUT, cause there are just too many for them to eat.

Now, what self-respecting food blogger would let the killing of these plums continue? Not I. No way!

So let The Plumming Project begin! I went to Christi's last week and brought home about 10 pounds of plums. Oh lord. I've decided to make this plum chutney from a recipe at

Plumming Project

Few alterations I will make to the recipe:

- I didn't want to pay $4 for "golden" raisins, so opted for the cheaper, regular ones.

- I'm thinking it would be interesting to add some Tapatio, for that spicy kick, instead of red chili flakes. What do you think??? (Confession, I bought the bottle of Tapatio over the chili flakes at the store cause the flakes cost like $3 more! Eff that!)

- I only have pint-size canning jars. Is that too big? They're from last year, when I made preserved lemons, and I don't want to have to buy smaller ones.

- These are not Italian plums. They're sweet, but a bit acidic and light in color.

Now, this could go two ways: either really well, or REALLY BAD. Like Kitchen Follies bad.

Wish me luck!