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Feel free to poke around and feel me up. Literally. This is the equivalent of a boobjob! Explore the site and imagine all the mathematical possibilities. Restaurants and recipes. By column, by writer, by city. The main objective for the new design is to make information easier to find! There's so much awesome stuff on here (since 2007!), from all over the world-- what good is it if it's all buried in the dredges of the I N T E R N E T and impossible to unearth?

Of course, feedback, feedback, feedback. Email/Comment/Ping/Facebook/Twitter me up! You love it! You hate it! Divulge.

Hearts and flowers for all umamimart contributors, past, present and future. Umamimart would not exist without you. Readers, thank you for loyally following us despite our irreverence, perverseness, and excessive use of profanity.

Designed by Yoko Kumano in Tokyo, Japan. Launched by Will Davies in San Francisco, CA. GO TEAM RELAUNCH!


A moment of silence please for the old site. GOODBYE FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.



    CJ on


    tomo on

  • Please KEEP the irreverence, profanity, and perverseness! (and I would even add more shit similar to the aforementioned)

    Enric on

  • this is awesome! nice work guys! :)

    kiwa on

  • great work, Kayoko. This is LOVELY! Moreover, YOU are lovely! xoxoxox

    Troy on

  • Awesome job, you guys!!!!

    tmonkey on

  • I’m commenting so I can see my name up on this crisp and clean homepage. Congratulations to Kayoko and her minions!

    jones on

  • Aw everyone thanks for all your support! Many of you have been with me from day one— Troy and Tmonkey, you were my only companions on the very first Umamiventure to Flushing! Oh, look at us now. Ha.

    Much love to you all from Cupertino, CA. I’m coming to NYC in a few weeks, hope to see you then! Let’s drink!

    kayoko on

  • Sweet shit!!

    Anders on

  • Sakura-san,
    Thanks so much for reading! Your comment really made my day. Yoko and I always joke that we write as though no one else is reading… but we must remember that people do! Ha.
    Let’s talk books! I am a litnut, so would love to discuss. Have you read Murakami’s new 19Q4?

    kayoko on

  • Congratulations on your new look. Just wanted to stop by and say that I love Umamimart – it’s funny, informative and totally rocks and you always put a smile on my face everyday at work!

    Sakura on

  • Congratulations on crossing the finish line! Very nice makeover.

    worm on

  • No! I happened to be in Kinokuniya in Bangkok a few weekends ago and was looking for it but no luck. I think I’ll wait until it’s available in London (but I’m not sure whether I’ll enjoy it enough in Japanese – my kanji isn’t so hot) but I can’t wait to read it. Last year I read Kafka on the Shore which I loved, and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running which I was wishing would spur me on to do some exercise.

    I think the best kind of writing comes out when you think no one is reading, so keep it up! If I ever visit the States again I’m coming on one of your umami-adventures!

    Sakura on

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