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Khoi and Laura took me to this great little coffee spot, The Sentinal, in the SOMA district in downtown SF. They served good, strong coffee, and delicious morning pastries.

But what makes this place most distinctive was the use of their tiny sliver of a storefront space- the layout was quite impressive considering they didn't have so much square footage to work with. You can kind of see in the pic above with Khoi and Laura out front- we're talking no chairs, just a bar, cash register, and a little kitchen in the back.

Gorgeous old skool wooden cash register!

DIY coffee dispenser and cream tucked into a little corner on the left.
The bar overlooked the gleaming stainless steel kitchen. Again, not so much room back there, but every bit of surface area is calculated to fit everything.
Cook making the morning's pastries- which were AWESOME.

Coffee cake and blueberry muffins- the only things available on the menu. Love that- getting rid of superfluous choices makes deciding easier. I'll take everything on the menu, please!

The ever-fluffy, golden coffee cake. Laura swears by this.

I tell you these blueberry muffins were the BOMB. Moist, gooey, soft, with that bit of sugar crystal crunch on top.

Laura made these flyers for a wrestling cake walk her secret society is hosting. Lucha Libre and dessert! Check it out.
Khoi says that there's always a line out the door for the 2 special sandwiches they serve for lunch each day (which is what the wax paper roll below is for, I'm assuming).

Overall, The Sentinal has a really classic, San Francisco on the wharf in the 20s kinda feel to it. A place for regulars- all the customers seemed to come here all the time. I know Khoi practically lives here.

The Sentinal
37 New Montgomery
Between Jessie & Market Streets
San Francisco, CA
T: 415.284.9960


  • Oh Lordy I can’t wait to have my coffee cake Tuesday morning. I hope Holly and Dennis have the day off on Monday. Was so much fun sharing our favorite morning ritual K! Can’t wait to see you back in SF.

    Love, Mrs. Robinson

    What would Mrs. Robinson do? She’d get her butt over the Sentinel right now! Wait till you try their sandwiches at lunch time!

    Mrs. Robinson SF on

  • WANT. Jesus Christ in Heaven I want these muffins now.

    amy ann on

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