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MUST READ: A disgruntled Virgin passenger writes a letter to Sir Dick Bronson himself, complaining about the food, which he calls a "CRIME AGAINST BLOODY COOKING"!!! Apparently Dick called this guy to personally retaliate. HILARIOUS. (Telegraph UK; via Swati)

Brooklyn Food Conference: On May 2, Brooklynites will get together for workshops and panel discussions in the name of "Food Democracy." It's FREE!!! Speakers include Blue Hill chef Dan Barber and journalist Raj Patel. Special fundraising event this Thursday 4/2 night. (via Coralina)

Now, you'll never catch me in any Momofuku Inc. joints, but here's an intelligent testimonial from head chef David Chang commiserating against foie gras activists. I do <3 DC, although I can't stand the hype. I'm full of contradictions, deal with it. (Eater)

Above picture: Michelle's vending machine at work in NYC, which includes cup ramen!!! You so want to work there.
Column: The UM Reader

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  • love that vending machine! i just have to share a shot of my office vending machine, we have beef jerky, tuna, and cup noodles for only $1!! vending.jpg

    teo on

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