Father's Day Gift Guide
The reader has slacked off a bit, but I will bring you links each week, if I've got links to share with you. Usually this comes out on Saturdays, but I'm trying out Tuesdays for now. Let's see if this sticks.
  • Sake brewing internship at Daimon Brewery in Japan: a one-week experience for 5 lucky participants. 9 sessions starting February 2009. (Mukune; via Fumiko)
  • A letter to President Elect Obama regarding the state of the collapsing US food industry, sustainable farming, and suggesting candidates for the future Secretary of Agriculture (Food Democracy Now!; via Last Supper)
  • Apropos to above, a NYT's op-ed column on government responsibilities for sustainable farming. Not a Kristof fan myself, but this is worth the read (NYT; via Amy Thompson)
  • Add this new Google Gadget to your webpage on seasonal fruits and vegetables. Pretty neat- I need to do this (Google; via Liz Marks)
  • "Tastings," the WSJ husband and wife wine column team on Fresh Air, discussing affordable wines for this crappola economy. At 40 minutes it's sorta long, but worth the listen- stream it! (NPR; via Tmonkey)

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