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Mining the i n t e r n e t for stuff worth reading:
  • Lobster Nikes- ridiculous awesomeness (Adam for Serious Eats)
  • Make your own seasoned salts with garden herbs (Bitten)
  • Fiddlehead ferns, and more, at Dan Barber's Blue Hill in NYC (Zach for Serious Eats)

  • Hokkaido's black watermelon, Densuke, sold for $6000 (via Kottke, AP)

I may have a great disdain for "brunch", but I do love breakfast (although I shamefully skip it often). This week's NY Mag dedicated to the art of the breakfast is extremely informative and fascinating. I suggest reading all the following articles- it will inspire you to get your breakfast on:
  • On how coffee can seriously FUCK YOU UP (but I can't stop!)

I just found out that yesterday was National Donut Day! Here are some great posts on the donut:
  • Sullivan Street Bakery's bombolini- it would be worth the heart attack (Ed for Serious Eats)
  • Anthony Bourdain visits Voodoo Donuts in Portland for their famed BACON DONUT (Robyn for Serious Eats)
  • And of course, this stunning portrait of Japan's donut by Andy G (UM)

*It's lamentable that I didn't know about National Donut Day! Please don't be shy and send links to what you're skimming to


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