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Mining the i n t e r n e t for stuff worth reading (just a few days shy of breaking news):
  • Champion coffee siphon girl visits Blue Bottle Cafe in SF- pretty sweet video (I know that guy in the cardigan!). How does one go about winning such an awesome title? (via SF Eater, SF Chronicle)
  • The great Go Go Curry in NY celebrates its 1-year anniversary on Monday 5/5 with their Grand Slam Special for $5. (Midtown Lunch)
  • Carne Asada is Not a Crime- the war is on between city officials of LA and its venerable taco trucks. Taco Truck Night on May 1 an overwhelming success- great report on Beast and Bean. Sign the petition folks! (via Oishii Eats,
  • Andrew Carmellini leaving A Voce in NY. Go NOW. (Eater)
  • Just another interview with Alice Waters. Best question: "what annoys you about food culture in Britain?" (via Eater SF, Times Online)
  • Kit Kats of the world- or just Japan? (via Alda, Flickr)


    • Food snobs suffer with rising costs of originally overpriced olive oils. (via Adam Kuban of SE, Slate)

    • Prices of fertilizer shoots up all around the world. We are super fucked. (NY Times)

  • Ferran Friggin' Everywhere:

    • Brace yourselves- Ferran Adria is coming to NY. Sorry, just to talk. (Eater)

    • For the 3rd year in a row, World's 50 Best Restaurants names El Bulli #1 (via Adam Kuban of SE, Restaurant magazine)
    • Possibly best quote ever on EB : "Most people I know had to sleep with someone to get a table at El Bulli, and have only ever been once," notes Maureen Mills of Network London, one of London's most connected restaurant PR companies. Yes, I will be one of those people. (via Adam Kuban of SE, The Independent)

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