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Trader Joe's sues NYC grocery store Gristede's for opening a look-alike store they named Trader John's. “My name is John and I am a trader so I don’t know what their problem is.” DYING! (Gothamist; via Tmonkey)

A very strange website for the Burger King Whopper, which is actually pretty brilliant. Let it suck you in! (; via Kyle P.)

Brightly bizarre photographs of "foodscapes," landscapes made of food, by Carl Wagner (Telegraph; via Tmonkey)

Mario made of aluminum cans. (Picassa; via Dan A.)

Not bizarre but practical: 20 wines under $10 (Bon Apetit; via Dawn)

Forgot to share this! An act of holiday coffee kindness at a Starbucks drive-thru, spurred on by a tai-chi master. Heartwarming, but bizarre. (Huffington Post; via Kiwa)
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