- PETA hopes to change the word "seafood" to "sea kittens":
"A lot of people don't realize that fish are capable of feeling fear and pain, that they develop relationships with each other, and even show affection by gently rubbing against one another."
Ummmmm good luck with that. (via Tmonkey;

- The Umami Mart theory that everyone eats, in an expanded essay form from the funny folks at the Onion. (via Matt; The Onion).

- Gwenyth Paltrow eats NYC. Basically a PSA for Mario Batali, with some hip bistros (Balthazar) and uber-chic sushi joints (15 East) sprinkled here and there. All would be Gossip Girl approved. Sushi Yasuda made the cut but they are mean, so don't go there. Don't even get me started on Momofuku. (GOOP)

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