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- 50 Awesomely Named Products (mostly food), including: JussiPussi, Homo Sausage and Manhattan Style Fish Assholes. Pet Sweat, featured on UM, is even on here!!! (Manofest; via Fuminatto)

- This is Why You're Fat! Enough said. Make sure to check out the giant burrito- AWESOME! (via Tomo)

- LA's DOH alphabet ratings to come to NYC! Looking forward to seeing all the Cs and Ds in the windows! (NYT; via Tmonkey)

- Colicchio's NYC Craftsteak to be dubbed HALFsteak on Wednesdays, when half orders of steak, and other shrunken dishes to be priced under $15 (Eater)

- "Pay what you want" in February at posh Central London restaurant, Little Bay: "Customers have already paid 20 percent more than the original price," he said, confident that he will more than cover his expenses for the month. "People want to be polite and would be embarrassed not to pay enough." (Reuters; via Tmonkey)

- Brooklyn Kitchen knife class this Thursday 2/12

- Support downtown Manhattan's New Amsterdam Market for a night full of oysters and stout. It's only $50!!! That's less than a night at the Grand Central Oyster Bar! You've gotta go!!!

- 5 notable SF restaurant to serve pig-centric meals on Mondays in February. Bacon cocktails, pig head, crispy pig ears and more! (7x7; via CJ)

Above pic: In ode to all the chatter these days regarding the Whole Foods photo ban (via Serious Eats), here's a covert interior pic of the recently opened Marlow and Daughters in Brooklyn. Homemade guanciale, YAH!!!

PS- I've hella taken pics inside Whole Foods. Remember my post about their super technological cash register line system?
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    kayoko on

  • i’ve also taken tons of pics in whole foods… i was twitpic’g up a storm last time i was there. for those insanely high prices, i should be able to take pics of whatever the hell i want.

    kayce. on

  • This post was published online a few days ago about some dude who couldn’t take pics of the pastry case at Whole Foods. I think it’s what has caused a recent uproar in the online community about Whole Foods, and no-photo policies in general.

    However, WF has always had a no-photo policy, as I find that stores and restaurants often do. I got in trouble at M Cafe de Chaya, that I just posted about, for taking pics. I def try to always ask before taking photos- people are super sensitive about it.

    But yes, evil corporation. I have grown to dislike WF immensely.

    Go to Marlow and Daughters- I think it’s right down the street from you! My friend swears by it for his groceries. I hate to sound cliche, but buying local is just so great- and convenient!!

    kayoko on

  • Wait, I don’t understand about Whole Foods. Is that a picture of “Marlow and Daughters”? Talk about evil corporations…why does the food on that fat site look like the kind of stuff I eat

    Sonja on

  • Ah gotcha- I always eat well at Diner, but I will say that I can’t stand their act of writing down the specials on the table mat (ridic since you can never read the server’s handwriting) and that I dislike this one bartender at Diner IMMENSELY.

    kayoko on

  • Omg Kayoko, I HATE the Diner corporation, that’s what I am talking about!! Evil service, overly salty food (except at Bonita which is just so bland, flies on their pastries in the summer…not to mention that they just took over an old barber’s space who passed away recently. I love how they jumped on that space right after he died. Do you want a tiny jar of $12 pickles?? or a $9.50 cold breakfast sandwich? But don’t worry they will ignore you first for several minutes while conversing amongst themselves or with regulars they are friendly with.

    Sonja on

  • Looks like Marlow and Daughters is right next to Diner, which they also own (and Marlow and Sons, and Bonita).

    95 Broadway at Berry.

    kayoko on

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