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- Gary Aschatz to make an Alinea movie??? (Menupages Chicago)

- Obama's chef laments on the state of school lunches (NYT Health; via Tmonkey)

- World's most sadistic dishes include: Tofu Hell and wind-dried chicken. Awesome names, though (Cracked; via Moet)

- The Ultimate 100 Must Eats in SF (7x7; via CJ)

- A comprehensive review of Japan's most popular energy drinks (Gaijinbash; via Yoko)

- A wonderfully imaginary use of Legos to illustrate NYC life. My favorites are "ground pepper," wasabi, and "Sorry, we just started a new keg". Oh, and 14th St./Union Square. (NYT Niemann Blog)

The Bacon Explosian Blowout
A frenzy of emails came in last week regarding the bacon-wrapped sausage, aka Bacon Explosion article featured in NYT Dining last week. Here's the original post, and the NYT slideshow. Now, I consider myself a lover of pork, but this is so ridiculously CRAZY!!! (via Tmonkey and Amy Ann)

- Above pic: blood orange juice now available on this side of the Atlantic! Matt found this at Garden of Eden in NYC, which is by Oranfrizer, an Italian citrus company.

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  • This is the first time I’ve read this article because I wanted to know what was in the picture. I am queen of “TL;DR”!!

    Sonja on

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