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- The peanut frenzy was just the beginning- here come the rest of the the maggots, bugs and rodents in your packaged foods, all conveniently overlooked by the FDA. "In case you’re curious: you’re probably ingesting one to two pounds of flies, maggots and mites each year without knowing it, a quantity of insects that clearly does not cut the mustard, even as insects may well be in the mustard." Fucking awesome!!! (NYT Opinions; via Tyson).

- NYC Restaurant Week extended through next Friday 2/27. I want to go to Devi! (Open Table)

- A day in the life of the Kogi BBQ Truck in LA. From 9am to 4am, these cats hustle hard! (Robyn Lee at Serious Eats)

- Friday is Sidewalk Samosa Day in Midtown East, NYC- $1 samosas by Kanaat restaurant (Midtown Lunch)

- Dear diary, I really wanted a yellow diamond for Valentine's Day, and all I got was a BACON LAMPSHADE!!! (Flickr; via Guy K.)

- Heartthrob of the Week: American Idol contestant Anoop Desai, who wrote his senior thesis on North Carolina BBQ (Chapter 6- Barbeque as Religion). HOT. He made it to the top 36 and performs tonight so please text in your votes for AnoopDog- HOLLA!!!(Adam Kuban at Serious Eats)

- Wisconsin Cheese Cupid- now a free iPhone app to help you pair your wines and beers with cheeses. Let's all try this out!

- Dear Diary, I really wanted a bacon lampshade for Valentine's Day and all I got was this this huge clunky plastic thing for microwaving bacon!!! (via Brian C.)

Top photo by Travis over at Pistols Drawn: "The Doubletree gives you a delicious warm chocolate chip cookie at check in. This time I also got free internet." Awesome tip!

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  • I actually went to college with the guy who made the bacon lampshade! I’m not joking. When I saw the picture of him from behind I thought, “Wow, he looks like Chris Kelly.” and then I looked up and it was Chris Kelly!

    Erin McMonagle on

  • I swear they are going to have a plastic gadget to microwave every food “better” by 2010. Whats next?

    CJ on

  • whoa Erin, that’s crazy! his invention is GENIUS!

    kayoko on

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