Sake Gumi
- Bento meals through the ages- in darling miniature plastic replicas (Just Bento)

- Tropicana retracts new design and will bring back old logo and ubiquitous straw in orange motif. Apparently an uproar to the new design in the Twitterverse- interesting considering the new Pepsi logo has been so highly lauded (NYT; via Tmonkey)

- New Amsterdam Market auction ends tonight at 10pm EST! Lots of awesome stuff on here- midnight tour of the Fulton Fish Market!!! Happy Bidding! (Ebay)

- Obama sushi looks like a real pain in the ass to make (MSN Japan; via Fuminatto)

- Did ya'll ever hear about this drink NICLite that is supposed to help quit smoking? GROSS (People Are Amazing)

- Mission Street Food: a pop-up restaurant in San Francisco, serving cheap haute cuisine by emerging chefs every Thursday and Saturday (SF Gate; via Chuchoter)

- Brewing an awesome cup of coffee on the cheap. No need for fancy gadgets- just love and dedication for the cause. (Life Hacker; via Amy T.)
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- Taiwan breeds glow-in-the-dark pigs for the sake of stem cell research. Fucking creepy (BBC)

- I could never pinpoint why I shudder at the word "foodie" but this post nails it (The Delicious Life)

- Oregon increases beer taxes. Gov't says it has been proven to "reduce crime." SERIOUSLY??? (CNN Video)

- Michelle Obama and White House exec chef talk to a group of culinary students, pushing "Fresh, local and delicious." I heart Michelle (via Adam at Serious Eats)

Top photo of hot girl on a bottle of soju taken by placesandspaces.

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  • FI have 2 of those Feel~so Cool soju bottles on a shelf in the living room. Hilarious

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