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- Two acclaimed liqueres, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and Domain de Canton ginger liqueur were started individually by feuding brothers, who come from a long line of liqueur distillers. (WSJ; via Paystyle)

- Various sandwiches + scanning of the cross section = SCANWICHES (via Tmonkey + Ayagwa)

- Foie Gras Manifesto: how the foie debate has turned into nothing less than "naked political opportunism." Extremely eloquent plea from the founders of SF's Incanto restaurant (Incanto; via Paystyle)

- An in-depth expose of the bullying of Yelp on small businesses: How negative and positive reviews appear and disappear according to whether or not you advertise. Frequently used terms include "blackmail" and "distortion". Horrible. (East Bay Express; via Jeni A.)

- Delfina pizzaria in SF printed their worst Yelp reviews on t-shirts for the servers to wear. AWESOME! (7x7)

Above video by bshafer. This demonstrates that all boyfriends should make dinner EVERY NIGHT, and that they should not forget their vegetables. WHADDUP GREENS!!!
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  • We got a SCHILL in da house!!!

    kayoko on

  • Re: Yelp is evil

    You should do a little research before spreading unfounded stories. Or at least read what Yelp (and other credible journalistic organizations) have to say:

    Sounds like you have something against Yelp?

    Dane on

  • Also Dane, my parents own and operate a little 40 seat japanese restaurant in Cupertino who have been contacted over and over by Yelp. I know first hand that the article is not full of “unfounded stories”, in fact, it is quite truthful and well-researched in its own right.

    I have had phone calls, and even emails from Yelp sales reps.

    I realize that there is a big Yelp fanclub out there, and perhaps you are a Yelp Ambassador who has no ideas of these behind the scenes goings-on. But they are bullies esp to the small business community, and I don’t agree with their tactics- and I know many people who would agree with me.

    kayoko on

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