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The Definitive Guide to Banh Mi: Tam Ngo throws down all sorts of mad knowledge on the ingredients of the venerable sandwich, from NYC's best banh mi shop, Ba Xuyen. Love that girl! (Serious Eats NY)

Pulitzer-winning food critic Jonathan Gold: "Snoop Doggy Dog is kind of the Miles Davis of rap." Amazing. Here he is as guest DJ at KCRW (via Adam K. at Serious Eats)

Anthony Bourdain on the Batali/Bittman/Paltrow Spain show: "...f***ing awful." AMEN. (Gothamist; via Paystyle)

No Brunch Allowed: Esquire's 59 best breakfasts in the US. Ya'll know I hate brunch, so HOLLA! (Esquire; via Karen T.)

Dine-In Brooklyn to start March 23-April 2! Prix fixe dinners at $23- don't miss Blue Ribbon Sushi!!! (Robyn at Serious Eats NY)

Brooklyn Kitchen's April calendar is online now! The Egg events sound awesome! (Brooklyn Kitchen)

Above photo of baguette and baguette knife by Matt K. at Pistols Drawn.
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  • Yeah I’ve read the entire interview, and I totally disagree with him. He’s obviously a good food writer but he oughta leave hip hop to others.

    Snoop may have been unparalleled initially in his career, and he can still turn it up especially when it comes to a true off-the-top-of-the-dome freestyle (perhaps that’s the closest resemblance to Miles), but at this point he’s about as unparalleled as a 5-way intersection.

    Paystyle on

  • I’m actually a HUGE Jonathan Gold fan- he is by far my favorite food writer around. I think it’s awesome that he compared Snoop to Miles- if you read the interview, he goes on to say, “He’s a little ridiculous these days but he has his buttery voice and a way of just settling into the groove that’s amazing, completely unparalleled.”

    Although he also says, “I don’t let my kids listen to it because of the cussing…” Come on Gold, let your kids listen to it for god’s sake!

    kayoko on

  • WTF did Jonathan Gold say about Snoop?!!?! What a supreme dumb fuck! Maybe there’s a reason he doesn’t write about music anymore.

    If Snoop is the Miles Davis of rap then I’m the Miles Davis of jazz.

    Paystyle on

  • A good friend of mine had a very sharp observation about Snoop recently: that Snoop has ceased being a rapper, and he’s now simply a character. I think I’d agree. He seems to be in a perpetual audition for the role of Huggy Bear in “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka, Pt. 2”

    My friend tends to be very astute. He has also wisely stated that ranch sauce is no longer a dressing, but a condiment.

    Paystyle on

  • You are hilarious.

    kayoko on

  • Yah I find that to be true of many stars, they just turn into caricatures of themselves. That’s how It’s what’s so fascinating about reality tv I think.

    You should follow @snoopdogg on Twitter. He’s quite hilarious. Def stays in character. Ha.

    kayoko on

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