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TOMORROW, Thurs. 4/16

Go behind the scenes of the craft-brewing industry with a nationwide screening of Anat Baron's documentary, Beer Wars. After the screening, Ben Stein hosts a panel featuring brewers from Dogfish Head, Stone, and New Century Brewing Company. Visit for participating theaters and ticket reservations.(via Paystyle and Tasting Table)

*I totally forgot to post this yesterday- my bad! Apologies for being MIA lately, it's been a crazy few weeks but I'm back and need to refocus! Pic above from CJ's Facebook, not sure what it's all about but it's HILARIOUS. The UM Reader will be back next Tuesday for more, I promise!
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  • Okay I have to tell you all the story behind this. My friend Tom had a project at work to implement some system called seemail. I don’t know what it does because as soon as he described it to me I pictured a merman, like in zoolander:

    He was talking about the project in a meeting when I said under my breath, “is that mail or male.” From then on he has been known as both Seamale and merman. So on our way to his bday lunch we stopped at safeway, got a cake and some icing, then did this in the car…

    CJ on

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