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- A guide to NYC's $1 Oysters (Citysearch; via Tam)

- Fast food cheat sheet: Did you know about fries "animal style" at In-N-Out??? (Wired; via Mel)

- Key word for the LA chicken taste test: "Air Dried" (LA Times; via Tam)

- Above video: Take a 20 minute break to watch Dan Barber give this TED talk about a farm in Spain that cultivates "humane" foie gras. Barber has an infectious, boyish charm- I dig it. Smart dude. (TED; via Erin)


SF Cocktail Week
Now through May 18th
In this third annual celebration, eight events bring together the countries most talented bartenders and mixologists.

Dinners with the Underground Food Collective
May 15-18, 2009
Join friends of Brooklyn restaurants Marlow & Sons and Sweet Deliverance for a series of three multi-course meals to celebrate spring’s harvest and local breweries.

Outstanding in the Field
May 16-December 5, 2009
Hurry and reserve your seat to one of chef Jim Denevan’s legendary dinners, hosted on farm fields across the country. Check out Matt Z.'s post from back in October.

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  • At In n Out you can order anything ‘animal style.’ And of course I assume you know of the 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, etc. which you can order. (Hint: the double double is essentially a 2×2, so you can figure out the rest)

    Paystyle on

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