Sake Gumi

- SF Weekly's annual BEST OF issue just hit the stands last week, and let's just say that the Reader's Poll of the city's best restaurants is utterly shameful. I may not be hip on the Bay Area dining scene, but I'm gonna take a leap of faith and say that Pasta Pomodoro is far from the city's BEST RESTAURANT or BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT. Not by a long shot. WTF is wrong with these people???? (SF Weekly)

- Terminator-inspired espresso machine blows up and kills a man. (Gizmodo)

- The economics of the corner store: how the poor get screwed in any which way. (Washington Post; via Ricky)

- What to do with SORREL! (NPR)

Above photo by JudsonK taken in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The slaughterhouse is open for business!

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  • yesterday i had sorreL soda for the 1st time. sorreL, sorreaLLy not tasty.

    like my lame puns.

    like bubbLegum fLavoring messed around w/ some banana Runts. WITH FIZZ.

    Aliiiiiiiiice on

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