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- TokyoMango is trippin' cause shiso-flavored Pepsi sounds nasty. It's neon green for god's sake! (via Fuminatto)

- TasteSF started yesterday, and goes on until June 15. Three-course lunch for $21.95, dinner for $34.95. Here's a chance for all you SFers to get your head out of your ass and dine somewhere other than Pasta Pomodoro (SF Weekly's annual reader's poll winner for best restaurant and best Italian restaurant. No, I'm not over it- the place the pasta version of Chili's!)

- Humorous round-up quotes from a night with Batali and Bourdain on stage in Portland (Grub Street)

- Above video of conjugating the word "banana"- so ridiculous I love it! (via Dan)

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  • Lol, that video’s fucking crazy. I love it.

    Paystyle on

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