Holiday Gift Guide

- Don't miss the 7th Annual Fort Lee Hot Dog Walk THIS SUNDAY!!! Walk over the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey's historic Fort Lee and eat hot dogs along the way! Sounds super dreamy- email Bernard Ente for exact meeting instructions at Check out last year's tour here. Someone please go on my behalf! (via Erin M.)

- Got a hot date and only have $5? Consult the Fancy Fast Food blog for some romantic ideas- like turning a Supreme Burrito into faux tortellini. TRICKY!!! (via Erin M.)

- Maine lobsters right off the boat (practically) now found in Red Hook, Brooklyn every weekend. They're even serving lobster rolls on the weekends, and soft shell crabs are coming soon! (Red Hook Lobster; via Tasting Table)

- What's in a good beer? Dave McLean, owner of Magnolia Pub & Brewery in San Francisco, takes us through the bubbles, color, and pouring for excellent head. (; via CJ)

- Above photo: cherry picking time! This picture taken by Claire, when she went to a farm in Brentwood, CA. Check out all the farms here to do your own picking.

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