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- Put your deposit down on a chicken or lamb from Awesome Farms in upstate NY! Delivered to the Brooklyn Kitchen once a month between now and October. Order online now. (Awesome Farms)

- A list of 10 crazy-looking hotdogs. Check out the totally nasty spaghetti dogs! And props to my friend Tam Ngo for getting her flowering dog on a stick featured- although her name is NOT Tom!!! (Woman's Day; via Lily)

- Former financial E-Trade dude turns a 6,000 square feet rooftop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn into a full-fledged farm! (Good Magazine)

- Will Allen founded Growing Power Farm in Milwaukee, a super-city garden tended by and grown for the community. Awesome profile on a true visionary! (NYT; via Amy T.)

- Above video: World's largest hamburger from Miyazaki, Japan, weighing in at 300 pounds. Oy. (via Eater)


July 29, 4pm
Kinda pricey at $45, but includes food, and beers by a dozen NY breweries, including a secret one by the Gramercy Tavern!

Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant
August 5-8
She's BAAACK! This time at the Ohio Theater in Soho, NYC. Dinner and theater, in five courses! You def want to buy tix asap before they sell-out!

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