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- German chef blows off his hands after a home kitchen molecular gastronomy session with liquid nitrogen. Brings new weight to the term, "Don't try this at home." (Telegraph; via Ricky)

- Founder of esteemed cattle ranch Bill Niman's new venture BN Ranch, after being pushed out of the Niman Ranch enterprise. "I'm not willing to eat Niman Ranch beef myself." (Inc.)

- Totally slept on the Tuscan Whole Milk Amazon gag from 2006- the customer reviews are hilarious! Here's one:
"Harvested from the majestic Tuscan Unicorn, the Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 Fl oz has unexplained physiological effects and magical curative properties." (Amazon; via Peter S.)

- Above video: Culinary rock band fronted by Chef Frankie. Via Kiwa.
Column: The UM Reader


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