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- A heartfelt, authentic account of former NYT Restaurant Critic Frank Bruni's childhood: FB aka Fat Boy. The piece is so damn long that it's the only thing I'm making you read this week. Make sure to check out the slide show narrated by FB, the man. He was so cute! But if they make this into a biopic I swear I'll throw up!!! (NYT Magazine)

- Above pic: from Claire's trip to New Orleans last month. Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Peanuts? They call it a "southern delicacy" on their website. I don't even like peanuts but that sounds amazing.

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  • Yeah, you can pop the entire thing in your mouth and eat it—-its high fiber for sure. At least to me, its in the ummm, once OK, twice no category. And I dare
    not comment on your language observations…..

    ToddK on

  • Oh, I get it, you eat them with the shells… interesting concept.

    I think the word "peanuts" in any language is very silly. I just learned that it's "cacahuetes" in Spanish and it's "rakkasei" in Japanese. They are just very funny-sounding words, aren't they?

    kayoko on

  • I have had deep fried peanuts (not that brand though). I don't quite see the point, the shell becomes edible after frying but not what I would call tasty.

    ToddK on

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