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- Guss' Pickles are moving their tiny DIY operation to Boro Park, Brooklyn- trademark gigantic pickle barrels and all. Very sad for the neighborhood- it just ain't what it used to be. Good thing we visited when we could!!! (Jerusalem Post; via Christy)

- Starting your own NYC food truck. A great little guide! (Grub Street; via John L.)

- A sweet video created by Serious Eats on farmer Rick Bishop of Mountain Sweet Berry Farms in Roscoe, NY. From farm to farmer's market to YOU! (via Amy T.)

- Psycho Donuts in Campbell, CA causes an uproar with local mental health organizations. Oh, the irony. (AOL Small Business)

- Above video: James Brown commercial for Nissin instant crab miso soup. MISOPA!!! KANIQUA! ("kani" in Japanese means crab). This is just too good to be true. RIP JB. Via Jud-san.

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  • Thanks for the food truck link. I've been looking into this for a while and realized the start-up capital is not in hand at the moment, with the main obstacle being one of those hard-to-acquire licenses.

    But oh, if I could get my hands on a license, what I would do to the sorry ass taco game in this city. First victim would be that fratboy operated poor excuse of a taco truck called Mexicali.

    Would also love to do a cocktail truck but it involves so much illegality that would render the entire endeavour impractical.

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