Last Days to Ship

- Calling all food vendors! The Greenpoint Food Market launches in NYC on September 12. They're taking submissions now!!!

- Butchers as "sex symbols with cleavers." I'm a little ambivalent about this, but it's a good report. (ABC; via Amy T.)

- Whole Foods CEO's plea against Obama's healthcare reform. Paul Krugman, ok, I get it, I respect you and I'll read you- but jesus, who gave this guy a pen???? (Wall Street Journal)

- Absolutely the awesomest blog post about a meal at El Bulli. (Amateur Gourmet; via Christy J.)

- The Hollywood-style story behind Dave's Killer Bread out of Portland. Bad brother joins good brother in the family baking business and turns the company into a $12 million dollar machine. It's a bit long but worth the read! (Inc.)

- San Francisco's famed Lombard Street turned into a Candyland gameboard for a day this week. How fun would it have been to be one of those kids! (ABC)

- Above photo: are these not the cutest little artichokes you have ever seen??? From the Santa Barbara farmer's market. By Tati B.

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