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- 66 reported ill from E. Coli in Nestle cookie dough. Cramps, diarrhea and vomiting due to eating RAW dough- WTF did these people expect??? (Bloomberg News)

- Brooklyn Unfancy Food Show, Sunday June 28, 12-6pm. Featuring the fine ladies of the Green Pirate Juice Truck, Marlow and Sons, and Blue Marble Ice Cream. (Brooklyn Based; via Amy T.)

- Get lost in the bizarre English-language world of Kyoto's Okotomae Tofuten. It's AWESOME!!! Be sure to listen to all the theme songs! (via Ricky)

- Above pic: I bet you've never had purin FROM A WAGON!!! Nishi Purin, in Tokyo Station, via Dan.

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  • I actually think that the Japanese are more ok with raw eggs than Americans. I vividly remember being in total shock when my grandmother cracked a raw egg on top of my morning bowl of rice when I went to visit Japan when I was like 10.

    But that's besides the point. I'm not trying to defend Nestle here, but these people should not be making a friggin stink about getting sick after eating RAW PROCESSED COOKIE DOUGH. OF COURSE you're gonna get sick!

    kayoko on

  • Yeah seriously, about the cookie dough thing. I always found it totally baffling that when it comes to cookie dough, Americans are totally OK with raw eggs. Totally bizarre!

    yoko on

  • Yeah that was exactly my point, that other cultures (besides American) are way more condoning of raw eggs. They use raw eggs here in Japan left and right, but that's because they use eggs that are ok to eat raw. I even eat chicken raw here. I think the quality of eggs here are just different.
    But eggs (and cookie dough) are meant to be cooked in America and people usually don't use raw grade eggs for that. That's scary.

    yoko on

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