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- Organic food fraud at Target: basically sums up why I loathe corporate/USDA-summoned "organic", it's all such a farce. Don't even get me started on Whole Foods. Ugh. Get your lazyass to the farmer's market! (Huffington Post; via Tmonkey)

- Probably the funniest review I've read on the KFC Double Down sandwich. "Like grief, the Double Down is experienced in stages." HA! When are they letting the rest of the country try this??? (AV Club; via Frank)

- A humorous, even-handed exchange between Village Voice writers about David Chang. Dude is such a poser, I can't stand him- I love how he thinks his opinions about the SF food scene MATTERS. (Village Voice)

- Oktoberfest Umamiventure TOMORROW, in San Francisco! I've updated the FB invite, make sure to check it out. If you are coming, please RSVP as such. Yay, let's get trashed and dance on the tables!

- Above photo: My girl Vanessa cooked up these gorgeous cornish hens yesterday before she headed to work! In her tiny Brooklyn kitchen! Stuffed with brown rice, chicken stock and onions. I'm coming over, Vee!

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