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- Popular SF Italian resto A16 opened an outpost in Tokyo in September. The entire operation, although commendable, sounds like a nightmare. Also, the Japanese DEF like their spaghetti- you prolly shouldn't mess with that. (SF Gate; via Melanie)

- Top 100 things that restaurant staff should never do on duty. As a glorified waitress myself, I will say that although this is a bit obnoxious, if not overly obsessive, it's a pretty legit list. My personal favorite is #8. Check out all the comments- ridic! (NYT Blog, You're The Boss: Part 1 & Part 2)

- Should you be drinking iced coffee today? This über-minimal site will help you make that call, according to your city's weather. Pretty random and awesome. It's the best when you enter an invalid zip code (Is It Iced Coffee Weather; via @totallymatt).

- You know that ANNIE HALL is my all-time favorite movie, and I'm in an especially sentimental mood these days due to my NYC Break-Up. Here's the timeless lobster scene- make sure to watch the whole thing cause the redux is on there. Alvy + Annie, you shoulda never broken up!!!

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