Sake Gumi
Noteworthy readings, websites, blogs and eats:
  • Bittman goes to Istria with Lidia Bastianich (note asparagus frittata recipe)
  • TMonkey recommends the wine documentary, Mondovino
  • A community of wine lovers on Cork'd
  • Batali and Bourdain on Adam Platt and bloggers on Grub Street

  • Bruni Showdown: yet another NY restaurateur shamelessly crying over a bad review (boohoohoo). Already the second this year!
  • Excellent NYer profile on diva chef Gordon Ramsey (some really f*%#ed up shit!)
It's soft shell crab season!!! I like mine at Great NY Noodle Town-- when I went this week, they were big, juicy and perfectly crunchy. Delicious! Wherever you might be in the world, the season usually runs from May to September-- don't put it off! What are you waiting for??

Editor's Note:
This is the first in a series of posts that will be dedicated to fantastic readings and random other mind-numbing references and links on food we find throughout the week (it doesn't matter how outdated it is- Umami Mart is clearly not about late-breaking news). I'm hoping this will be a bi-weekly entry-- please email me when you read anything food-worthy! We're at