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Noteworthy readings, websites, blogs and eats:
  • The mind-boggling universe of meta-desserts- check out the INSANE chart!! (Tmonkey)
  • NYers lament the closing of infamous pizzeria, Di Fara, by the health dept.; and the impending shutdown of the latin food mecca at the Red Hook soccer field
  • Team Ham dines at the ultra luxurious Urasawa in LA- gorgeous!
  • MadTV skit on what REALLY happens when you go to an asian household for dinner-- random, nonsensical, and totally ridiculous- but truly HILARIOUS!! (Ayagwa)

  • Good Eats' carefully constructed, perfectly charred, awesome tower of goodness:

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  • Eddie Murphy would be proud of that burger.

    Anonymous on

  • Thanks so much for your comment, and for linking to my post. =)

    Steen on

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