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Mining the i n t e r n e t for stuff worth reading (lots this week!):
  • "Laptop Lunches": Bento boxes American style (via Tmonkey, Flickr)
  • The Dunkin' Donuts Rachel Ray Backlash: a pulled ad over a terrorist scarf. You KNOW that stylist was fired in a heartbeat. Insightful quote by my girl Jeni: "The problem isn't the scarf. It's her. GET RID OF HER!!!" (via Oishii Eats, NPR)
  • A great video on Amici's in San Mateo for an East Coast pizza (via Slice, SF Gate)
  • A comprehensive guide to noodle soups in Chinatown (via Midtown Lunch, Gordon Mark for SE)
  • Sapporo will create the "first space beer". Where do they come up with this stuff? (via Jim, Yahoo News)
  • I started writing for Midtown Lunch! Here's my first post on my favorite joint, Shih Lee (Midtown Lunch)
  • Organic tomatoes better than regular tomatoes due to increased flavonoids (not sure exactly what that is, but it's good for you). Scroll down for a great chart on the definitions of "organic" and all that other quizzical lingo (via Radhika, NPR)
  • The US vs. the rest of the world- biofuels too costly to make sense (via NYT Business)
  • Collecting guano, bird shit, in Peru to use as a potent organic fertilizer. Fascinating! Make sure to watch the slideshow (via Tmonkey, NYT Americas)

Links from my girl Amy on BACON:
  • The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich- white bread and 2 packs of Oscar Meyer bacon (sjmaks)
  • Bacon Cereal- blue cheese dressing, and a pack of bacon (sjmaks)
  • Bacon Cheese Baconburger- make sure to link through to where he actually grills the thing (sjmaks)
This "sjmaks" is out of control. Kinda love him. From Amy: "Genius, crazy man, both, neither? Really, this reminds me A LOT of what I was like when I smoked pot except with more intelligence and ambition. I just ate ice cream sandwiches, corn dogs, and made bacon/almost started fires."

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  • Ethanol’s a crock of shit pushed on us by the fucking corn lobby. Now, if we went back to the grasses of yore, the true biodiversity of the prairies this country was made of before the white people came here and used that for biofuel, maybe then we’d be getting somewhere. C’mon people—native “weeds” take no fertilizer, no tending, they just grow. We don’t have to do shit to them. They love to be ignored. That and french fry grease—I love the idea of car exhaust smelling like In’n’Out.

    And yes, I love bacon. And yes, I almost burnt the house down. But that was twelve years ago.

    Amy Ann on

  • great midtown post…love the photos…congrats!

    erin on

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