Sake Gumi
Noteworthy readings and eatings:
  • Kimchi Family video- complete with beatboxing! (Youtube, via Ayagwa)

  • "Protect your family! Mercury in Sushi!!!" Why are people so lame??? (NYT, Fumiko)
  • The BaconFall (I Believe in Advertising, Matt)
  • The Venison Feast is coming! (Zlata Prata Restaurant, Judson)

Column: The UM Reader


  • ah, LOVE that bacon. any sort of pork product- count me in. but that baconfall is pretty nasty, that’s for sure.

    kayoko on

  • Too much bacon! I mean not even bacon but a meat flavored cookie? But I guess maple syrup on sausages is good..

    Sonja on

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