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Noteworthy readings and eatings (not necessarily what you would call breaking news):
  • Interviews with 3 hottie female sommeliers at top restaurant in SF, LA and NY (Splendora)
  • Paula Deen's Fried Butter Balls: fatty treats for Super Bowl weekend (Food Network, via Amy)
  • Mark Bittman preaches the Omnivore's Dilemma: I'll think about it, but only cause it's Mark (NYT)
  • Cheeseburger in a can: the Germans really did it this time (Gizmodo, via Matt)

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  • Deep fried butter balls?? gross. that woman needs to have a heart attack and die.

    Jk on

  • Ew! I double dog-dared you to put the butter balls on there, and I can’t believe you did. I can’t believe it. You’re up next, kid. I choose a dare.

    Amy Ann on

  • JK- uncover yourself! You are hilarious.

    kayoko on

  • Oh, and my friend Vanessa who calls both Paula Deen and Sandra Lee’s (aka The Turducken and The Cake Assassin) exploits to my attention suggests a side of melted butter as a dipping sauce, in case you were looking for that extra somethin-somethin.

    Amy Ann on

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