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Noteworthy readings and eatings (not pretending to be breaking news):
  • Leonard Lopate discusses UMAMI with Ruth Reichl and Jonah Lehrer on The LL Show: Marmite is "Umami Speedball". Awesome. (WNYC, via Dawn & Amy T.)
  • NY Times Dining's Peter Meehan gets canned/ resigned/ whatever, he's gone. I hope to chronicle the ongoing downward spiral of the NYT Dining section- this is fucking horrible. (via Eater)
  • Butter endangered in Japan? Please consume butter with a conscious, people. (Times Online, via Emily on Serious Eats)
  • America's top 100 grossing independent restaurants- a mixed bag of the expected (Tao in Vegas AND New York are in the top 5! Ridic), and surprising (Coffee Shop in Union Square is #56? Really? Didn't the DOH shutter them last year?) (R&I, via Matt)
  • This allergy season, build up your pollen immunity in NY by taking a teaspoon on NYC rooftop honey everyday (Apitheraphy, via Matt)

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