Mining the i n t e r n e t for stuff worth reading (sorry, there's a lot this week):
  • The global food crisis, rising food costs, and something about fossil fuels (NY Sun)
  • Interview with David Bouley: on kaiseki, Tribeca, and his upcoming 3 tier, behemoth of a restaurant, Brush Stroke. I'm sorry Dave, but that has got to be the worst restaurant name ever- what were you thinking? (via Tmonkey, Gothamist)
  • Bittman answers your questions live on his "Minimacast" on Sunday at 5:30pm EST. Love this man (via Alaina for SE, Thirteen Cooks)
  • Jail food: no porkchops or lasagna, but you can get your moon pies on for 65 cents! (via Radhika, Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
  • Various NYC restaurant star-rating systems decoded and broken down (via Eater, NY Journal)
  • Ramsey sued 500,000 brit pounds for humiliating restaurant manager on Kitchen Nightmares. Jerry Springer mentioned in the comments- awesome! (via Emily for SE)
  • Spain's Ferran Adria wants to reduce his precious El Bulli to 2-3 TABLES in five years. I will start prostituting myself for a reservation immediately (via Eater, Big Hospitality)
  • NY vs. SF Pizza War: readers throwdown from New Haven, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Chicago and LA- along with an exciting mention about a Freebird's burrito in Isla Vista, CA. HOLLA! (Gawker)
  • Gold trolls through seedy parks and mini-malls for the best taco trucks in LA. Forget pizza, LA would win the taco war any day (LA Weekly)

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