Sake Gumi
Mining the i n t e r n e t for stuff worth reading:
  • An extremely in-depth, colorful, enthusiastic report on blow-fish, or FUGU by Adam Platt- make sure to go through all 6 pages! (via Judson, NY Magazine)
  • Why is design never mentioned by restaurant critics? (via Alda, Metropolis)
  • Ever wonder what those stinky, shriveled-up, doody looking things in jars are when walking through Chinatown? This is a little annoying, but click through this new magazine till you get to the really informative, gorgeous spread/glossary of Chinese dried goods. These doodies will fix you up, and make your soups taste good! (Gradient Magazine)

  • Absolutely hilarious video of this Japanese genius guy who makes instruments out of vegetables- he calls them "ocarinas". Here's an introductory video of all his various inventions (via Kamaboko, Youtube)

Another one where he plays the theme from Legend of Zelda with a CARROT. This guy is THE EFFING MAN!

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