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Top 3 Reads of the Week:
  • Nattophiles speak up: what Michael Pollan really needs to write about next (via Fuminatto, Chowhound)
  • Top 15 of the nastiest, bizarrest, most fucked up places to get your meal on: eat inside a coffin, slice into an edible woman's body, get waited on by a staff of "hobbits", munch on poo shaped food while seated on toilets. SICK!! Of course the majority of these spots are in Tokyo. Duh. (via Reuben & Radhika, WebUrbanist)
  • A 1-year moratorium on any openings of new fast food restaurants goes into effect in South LA (via Tmonkey, NY Times)
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Column: The UM Reader


  • Did Hideko like kasutera? Did it hold well?

    Yamahomo on

  • We should all go to Matsugen and order Sea Urchin Bukkake. I know Japanese invented Bukkake, as in noodle field, but they also are the people who used in porn industy, and they have decency to use in America, especially when it is topped with yama imo. Slurpy.

    Yamahomo on

  • When I went to UC Santa Cruz, my friend Alice used to make poos out of the doughy brownies from the cafeteria and leave them in the bathrooms on the toilets, floors, sinks, and carpets outside and lie in wait until someone would come along and react. Then she’d come and pick them up, laughing. Oh, memories of a simpler, incredibly stoned time. This was the Amy Ann I was when I used to buy ice cream sandwiches and corn dogs in bulk. Ask me for stories some time. I got ’em. You might not want ’em, but I got ’em in spades. The Anti-Goth, the Nazis on the beach doing flag exercises, the guy called Frisbee Cave—Santa Cruz was an interesting place, man.

    amy ann on

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