Sorry I skipped out last week- didn't have anything to report. I'm making up for it this week, though:
  • Will Japan's "konbini" concept make its debut in the States? Smaller food shops providing prepared meals and drinks? Can I get a whut whut... (via Tmonkey, NY Times)
  • Live and work on an organic farm in Japan in exchange for room and board, via a network of farms all over the country (via Daniel, WWOOFF Japan)

  • Ferran Adria talks about his new book at the NY Public Library on Fri. 10/10. Get your tix now! See you there! (via Mariana, NYPL)

  • Umami in the news: a Silicon Valley reporter dares to ask, "Does umami matter?" (via Jamie, Metro)

  • Absolutely hilarious British commercials of "Little Gordon" (via Yamahomo,

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  • the best send up of gordon’s BEST show… wow. thanks for sharing these! =))

    kayce. on

  • The Japanese convenience store has already made it’s US debut in Famima!

    Anonymous on

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