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Funny how some weeks I have nothing to share with you, and some- like this week- I have a ton of reading for you. I gave you a day off last week, now, it's back to the books:
  • Bartering pints for eggs in the UK? Let's make it happen on this side of the pond (via Sara, Trend Central)
  • Young folks are increasingly working and starting their own farms- like Awesome Farms! (via Amy T., WNYC)
  • An excellent video on the farm fresh, organic movement and elitism: the Executive Director of Slow Food debunks the myth (via Radhika,
  • How a dairy farmer turned manure to fuel- now this is TRUE INNOVATION (

  • A step-by-step guide to using the gorgeous Chemex coffee brewer (Oishii Eats)
  • Andy Warhol eating a burger: no gimmicks, just him, eating a burger. Wait for the moment when he takes off the bun, squeezes the burger together and dips into ketchup. I truly love this man. (via Andy G., Youtube)

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  • He kind of had trouble with the ketchup there.

    Sonja on

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