Sake Gumi
Some food for thought from this week:
  • Sacrifice your razor to shave the face of a pig, all in the name of making your own headcheese. Such a fantastic video! (via Amy, Fat is Flavor)
  • What you will find in the fridges of 4 food activists/ purveyors. Remember Fridgin' Out? I promise I'll bring that back (via Amy, NY Times)
  • Pigeon vs. Rotisserie (via Jenny, Failblog)
  • A how-to video on making Beer Can Chicken. Amira says a can of Coke works well too! (via Amira, iFoods on Youtube)
  • A San Francisco artist convenes monthly get-togethers with members of his club, Cook Here and Now, where they cook and eat together. It's community building! (via Sara, Food & Wine)

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