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Akihabara Oppai Pudding

Remember the UM poll back in May when everyone voted for "more boobies"? Well, I am going to fulfill that request for a second time.

Here are some shots of Oppai Pudding (Boobie Pudding) available at Le Edo's Aqua City in Odaiba, Tokyo. I noticed Thet there were two flavors. For folks who are just happy with any old Tokyo girl, Tokyo Boobie Pudding, Part 2 is appropriate. The copy in the heart says "quantity two," which is appropriate in this context. The quote bubble on the left side of the girl says "Please enjoy slowly and gently."

Tokyo Oppai Pudding

Another intriguing thing about this product is that it is labeled "Part 2" meaning, there must be a "Part 1" which I didn't see anywhere on the shelves.

Tokyo Oppai Pudding

For people with more "particular" tastes, I would recommend the Akihabara Boobie Pudding. The packaging depicts a blushing girl in a maid outfit asking "Won't you indulge in some boobie pudding?" She also is saying "Welcome home, husband."

Akihabara Oppai Pudding

At 368 yen for a pair, I'd say either rack is a pretty good deal.

Le Edo
Aqua City

Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

T: 03-3599-1701

Column: Tokyo JUNKtion


  • Yeah! Let's do a maid cafe review while you are here!

    yoko on

  • Those boobies are an instant omiyage hit for gaijin friends. I got one for my boss, remember? and he still keeps it on his desk for work pleasure! Oppai Omiyage, onegai!
    When will we get an Umami Excursion review to a maid cafe? Or is that ón the to dó list in September?

    Anders on

  • HAHA! I am not sure actually. That just might be a perfect optical illusion, cuz I don't see one coming out of the Tokyo girl's boobs.

    yoko on

  • Wait a second… is that a STRAW coming out of the maid girl's boobie? Like we get to DRINK her BOOB??

    kayoko on

  • This is nothing short of amazing!!!

    OMG I just saw that a slew of maid cafe workers went to Taiwan in full on costumes to like spread the maid cafe gospel. The whole phenomenon is so fucked up, on so many levels!!!

    I want to see the Boobie Purin Part 1!

    kayoko on

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