Maguro Eyeball Nabe

My husband and I took a stroll around Tsukijishijo (Tsukuji Fish Market) yesterday after running an errand in Ginza. I used to work near Tsukiji and never had the privilege of spending a day-off there. It was the same Tsukiji I went to on my lunch breaks, but it makes it a lot more exciting when you have no time limit.

We were set on making nabe that night, so we found ourselves in the best supermarket/playground to make knock-out nabe. We found that many of the fish were supreme cuts to be eaten raw, and therefore a waste to throw into nabe. I knew there had to be something just right. After zig zagging through the main aisles of Tsukijishijo, we found ourselves on the west edge of the market area. And there it was, our dinner, literally staring at us in the face. The signs propped up against the styrofoam ice chests read "Maguro: Eyeball, Throat, Jaw Bone ¥50 each!" Jackpot.

Before I could get an edge in about how crazy it was too see a bunch of eyeballs (about 4 inches in diameter each) bunched up into a clump, my husband was saying to the fish monger "One of each please!" I have to admit, I was pretty taken aback by the idea of throwing in an eyeball into our dinner. But for ¥150 three whole parts of a maguro, and given the fact that I was in Tsukiji, it was an affordable thrill which I would we stupid to pass up.

Here's the nabe on our stovetop to provide a sense of how big this eyeball was. The jaw bone is the piece below the eyeball and the throat is above the eyeball.

Maguro Eyeball Nabe

The dashi stock that came out of the throat, collar bone and eye ball was delicious.

Maguro Eyeball Nabe

Remnants of cooked eye socket.

Maguro Eyeball Nabe

Check out the oily, buttery surface of my serving of maguro dashi.

Maguro Eyeball Nabe

The dashi was so rich that we could go for another round of nabe, throwing in a plethora of veggies including hakusai, carrots, nameko and shirataki.

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  • Washi at the whole thing! I avoided the thing… But man, it was awesome stock for the nabe.

    yoko on

  • Oh my god, that's so disgusting!
    I love it!
    How was the eye? Who won the lottery and got to eat it? Was it juicy or crunchy or both?

    I wish I could post the video I took about a month ago with Washi preparing the floor nabe!
    (hopefully on the New Umami-site, Kayoko?)

    Anders on

  • All that oil! Love it!!! It's gotta be good for your bones.

    Such wintertimegoodness. And yes, so Halloweeen appropriate- good call Wormfun.

    kayoko on

  • Very Halloween appropriate meal.

    worm fun on

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