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My friend Futoshi came back from Japan and brought some of the newest and weirdest junk food from the motherland.

In recent months, the most popular food item in Japan is apparently the edible chill-infused oil or 食べる辣油.  I saw articles about it in newspapers everywhere-- Japan's major condiment brand Momoya, came out with this type of chili-infused oil with fried garlic, fried onion, etc. I have been dying to try it and was very happy that Futoshi brought it back, along with a few other things.

You can find chill-infused oil regularly at Chinese restaurants, you know, that dirty container of very red oil with chill flakes floating on the bottom. But this is different. It's spicy, but not too spicy, and you can pour it on top of rice. People say, "You don't need anything else."


After two bites though, I was done, and immediately got heart burn. Not so much a fan. After all, it's oil, with bits and pieces of garlic and onion.

Sake candy, aka Sake Drops.


It tastes like sake, but after a while, it starts to taste like soap. Gross.

Sapporo beer-flavored caramel. Do I need to say more?


Subtle flavor of beer, but then it starts to taste like soap again.

The worst and gross-est, takoyaki-flavored caramel.


It's like salt taffy, without any sweetness. It does have a strong takoyaki flavor with a very strong Worcestershire sauce taste.

Why does Japan have to keep coming up with weird and gross junk food like these?